When I opened my devotional this morning I asked God to reveal Himself – To help me. He gave me Matthew 14:22-34. I have always loved this story. But it gave me new light into my struggles.

When I think of trials I don’ t think of the daily struggles – like losing weight. I think of the big things. When I have faced a big situation – I have NEVER had any problem trusting in Him.

But I cannot say the same about weight loss or beating my addictions. I figured out why. I have not seen these things as “TRIALS”. I have been looking at them as my problems and MY struggles that I have to overcome and am failing miserably at doing so.

That has been the issue. MY PROBLEMS, MY STRUGGLES THAT I HAVE TO OVERCOME. And I wonder why I have been failing?

It is not about ME. It is about looking to him as Peter did when he was sinking in the sea and crying out to God, “Save me Lord!”

As you flounder in the sea of weight loss or beating a life long struggle – see it as a trial. See it as another way that GOD’S glory will shine through. If the apostles had avoided the storm in Matthew 14 – “they would have missed the demonstration of Jesus’ power over the sea and wind” (In Touch Devotional, February 2017).

As Christ said to the apostles in the storm in Matthew 14: 27 & 31 – so He is saying to us regarding our daily struggles (trials), “Don’t be afraid. Take courage I am here. You have so little faith. Why do you doubt Me?”

We doubt Him because we are trying to beat things in our own strength. We doubt Him because we keep failing in our own strength. As Peter was relying on himself when he stepped off that boat, we are relying on ourselves instead of looking to the One who wants to hold us up and do a mighty work in our lives – for HIS glory.

Watch Jesus’ power over your weight. Watch Jesus’ power over your addiction. Watch Jesus’ power over your life long battle. Ask our Lord to let you truly experience His continual presence right in the middle of what you struggle with daily. Watch what HE can do in you. Take your focus of yourself and the weight and the struggle and reach for HIM.

Look forward to seeing HIS glory shine through.